We are CODA25.

We're the ones who jump when you call.
So why should we use CODA25?

We're The Media Connected Creative Agency

As a creative agency located in Boston, Lincolnshire, we’ve been lurking around for a while but you may not know us because we like to take on projects where we know we can make a difference and gain results. Statistically-proven results. Now, we are expanding our visibility because we’d just love to do more work closer to home.

In the beginning there were 2 guys – Dennis and Adam – both Music Business folks who got together, one Laphroaig-fuelled day in the Cambridge Arms in Cambridge Circus, to design and develop an American Music TV Show. Adam being well versed in the Multimedia, Recording and Web side of things and Dennis, he signed Queen’s publishing deal (Yeah! How cool?) and many many more along the way – so things just clicked into place and they became lifelong friends.

So we all got together and called ourselves “CODA25” because there were 4 of us, Cindy, Olesya, Dennis and Adam, and we formed on the 25th November. Cindy and Dennis are now happily living in America and looking after a sister branch of our creative team so we couldn’t just be “OA”25 and we stayed as CODA25.

Our director Adam Mills has worked for everyone from internationally famous thrash metal bands (yes, ask him!) to being head of A&R for Record Labels to being a preferred multimedia supplier to the BBC. Olesya our head of marketing has also worked in the international music business for the last 10 years, so together they are suited to tackle any task. Whether you need Ed Sheeran at a garden party (well, we can ask him at least!) to Mr.Bean opening your new shop and website, we can approach ANY crazy idea you have and hopefully make it happen.

So who exactly are CODA25??

Our infamous team.

We hope you’ll find that we bring a unique set of creative skills, thoughts, and ideas to the table. We hope you will also find us ‘connected’ to various areas of the music and entertainment industries in ways that can benefit our clients to give them a tremendous advantage with their products and projects.

A simple tweet from person X can mean sales increase tenfold – Having the right actor or musician in your television/online advert can be the difference between being an average brand or becoming a household name. We hope we can guide you in the right ways and also all have a good time making client’s wishes become realities – whatever the project.



Social Media & Marketing Director

Olesya is our Social Media Specialist. She’s wanted by record labels from here to Los Angeles and we’re lucky to have her here in Lincolnshire. Ask her about Lady Gaga and she’ll tell you about social media in the major labels. Ask her to help market your company via social media and you’ve struck pure gold. Give her a call.



Director. Producer. Consultant.

Adam is our CEO. He’s the big cheese. The head honcho. He’s also really really bad at playing drums. However, if you’re after some great ideas about marketing and presenting your business, brand, product or latest pop star, then he’s the man to talk to. Not just in Lincolnshire but all over the world.

“This is first class!”
King Julian of Madagascar