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Susan Anne Cards, E-commerce Site.

When Sue invited us over to discuss her little Lincolnshire online card website, we expected a small ‘home shop’ type of thing to be the order of the day! Boy, were we mistaken! When Sue said ‘I’ve made a few cards’ she wasn’t kidding, ‘it’s probably quite a few by now’ she said! Anyway, a few THOUSAND later, yes, that’s right THOUSANDS! We finally (after a lot of uploading and with the help of her amazing husband) managed to transfer the entire catalog online and into a modern e-commerce system that allows Sue to manage everything from stock to deliveries. Even the day to day social media is set up in a way that makes life easy for Sue to get to her customers and provide a seamless service throughout.


    Susan Anne Cards

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    Sept 28, 2016


    Design, Marketing, Branding

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