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Every Project is Unique

Our approach is that every person and every company deserves custom-made multimedia regardless of their budget. Whether you need an interactive web-site, a social media presence to match your current brand, a fresh approach to re-vamp your business – a new logo and feel – or whether you have just started and need a “face” for your idea – we are here for you. Remember, we’re a media connected company too, so we’ll open the right doors to help you succeed. Maybe you need a celebrity or two to make your product fly off the shelves? Maybe you need someone famous to just ‘tweet’ about it. We are here to offer you the chance you need to make your ideas real.


We’ll create the full picture for you, some would say, ‘The Big Picture’ – from designing a corporate logo, brand identity guidelines and inventing strapline(s) to preparation, deployment and analysis of your full scale online and traditional marketing campaigns that keep pushing your product/service and brand new Web-site out to every platform, whilst looking good and doing its job: attracting new customers!


Setting up an immediate, cohesive, connected, social media presence for you is paramount to your visibility, but keep in mind that there’s more to digital marketing that meets the eye at first glance! It is very important to have a deep understanding of what’s going to work in the current market. The right word in the right person’s ear, tweeted to the public, literally turns into money in the bank – and we all like that.


Apart from our own 192khz/24bit recording studio we also have unparalleled access to some of the best recording studios and spaces in the world. Even hallowed grounds like Abbey Road. So, sound, video-editing and access to great musicians and actors is all in a day’s work for us. If you require a promotional video or a tune – we have the equipment, the skills and the spark… plugs, bells and even a few whistles thrown in for good measure.


Our services.

Along with our creative skills and impressive network connections (try us!) – we strive to bring our clients a unique collection of radical thoughts and ideas to the table.

Not just for today, tomorrow too!

We’re usually on-the-ball. We make sure that we future-proof all of our creative entities, so if something is re-printed or given a new lease of life in a few years time, it won’t look like Noah sketched it on the Ark.

UPDATES - A Designer's Life

We know that everyone is a secret designer! Everyone. We’re not joking, from your mother-in-law to your local traffic warden, everyone will have an opinion… Most probably involving moving something on-screen “just a few nudges to the left’.

We’re not blind to this ‘phenomenon’.

As a client of ours, we expect you to get involved (or not, if you’d prefer!) because quite frankly, we all want nothing but the best and quite rightly so! You’re most welcome to bring the mother-in-law too. Traffic wardens however…


We’re here to make products that work! Providing you with the service that goes above and beyond the call of duty. We want repeat business, but of course all one-offs are just as exciting and important to us too.

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New clients will get a 10% discount on the final invoice. Hopefully that will encourage you to give us a try. We know it’s always a gamble swapping out companies that you rely on, years of service counts for plenty! All we offer is a fresh take on your digital strategies and maybe, just maybe, we’ll be the company that can really make a big difference to yours. Everyone wins.

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Commitment To Every Project

All is fair in love and business.

Do you charge for ideas?

During our first meeting with you, no. Because we need to get to know who we’re working with! Subsequent creative meetings however are charged at our extremely reasonable hourly rate. We do also have an hourly rate which we charge for complete starter ‘Think Tank’ projects, you know the ones where you don’t even know what you want or where to start! We have to say this because ‘rather now than later’. After all, would you think it fair if we came to your company asking questions and formulating some amazing marketing ideas and concepts together and then just leaving with those same ideas to make them a reality somewhere else? No. Neither do we. We do hope this is fair? As we really think ourselves extremely fair people.

As for costs, how long's a piece of string?

We are in line with all standard industry pricing for all of our creative work. Most people find that we are actually very reasonable.
If you are shopping around for a quote, please consider us! Not only are we fairly priced, we are meticulous in detail and most of all, we like to have fun whilst creating even the most boring of subjects!

For everything, just call: 01223 969453